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  • ASA Fixed Plotter

    Constructed of sturdy clear plastic with easy-to-read numbers and scales. It includes WAC, Sectional, and Terminal Area scales, and is checked and approved by the Weights and Measures Department...

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  • ASA Flight Briefcase

    The Pilot Briefcase features an expandable, zippered main compartment with room for all ground and flight school necessities. The outer flap provides easy access to a chart pocket with multiple...

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  • ASA Flight Crew Logbook

    Created with the input of airline pilots and instructors, these shirt-pocket size logs are designed for long-lasting and comprehensive recordkeeping on the road. Options are provided for tracking...

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  • ASA Flight Timer 2

    ASA Flight Timer 2

    Ergonomically designed and engineered for reliability, ease and convenience, the ASA Flight Timer should be considered essential equipment for all aviators. The ASA Flight Timer has been created with...

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  • ASA Flightlight™

    ASA Flightlight™

    A flashlight is a must have for every pilot's flight bag. In or out of the cockpit, this conveniently sized, long lasting, and durable flashlight serves as a great pilot companion. This 3-in-one LED...

    MSRP: $19.95
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  • ASA Gel Earseals

    The ultimate in comfort and fit Fits most major brands of headsets Replace worn-out or uncomfortable earseals and enjoy increased comfort, improved noise protection, and better communications. The...

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  • ASA Guide to the Flight Review

    For Instructors and Applicants All pilots, whether they fly for pleasure, business, or as a career, must take a flight review every 2 years (sometimes called a Biennial Flight Review or BFR). Guide...

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  • ASA Helicopter Maneuvers Manual

    An excellent resource for students and flight instructors alike, the Helicopter Maneuvers Manual helps pilots acquire a mental picture of each phase of flight. With this comprehensive...

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  • ASA Holding Pattern Visualizer

    You are flying a heading of 360 when you are issued this clearance “…hold east of the ABC VORTAC on the zero niner zero radial, right turns…” This clearance is enough to...

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  • ASA IFR Kneeboard

    The durable brushed aluminum IFR Kneeboard is a great way to organize your flight data, providing a strong surface for inflight note-taking as well as quick access to important IFR information in...

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