Pilot Gifts

  • APR E6B Flight Computer Key Chain

    APR's Time/Speed/Distance keychain computer really works! And we're not just talking about holding your keys! APR has created a miniature Time/Speed/Distance computer that is completely accurate and fully functional. The computer's top dial rotates to...

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  • ASA Auxiliary Tank

    While proper fueling of an aircraft is important to any flight operation, so is proper fueling of the pilot-in-command (PIC). Long before the preflight begins, a PIC must prepare both mentally and physically to ensure fitness for flight. ASA recommends...

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  • AV8R License Plate

    Made from Aluminum, this automotive decorative license will make the car in front of you double check their mirrors as you pass them by! Our decorative AV8R license plate is made to the US standard 12x6" and is sized to fit perfectly behind your favorite...

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  • AV8R Mug

    AV8R Mug

    20oz double wall vacuum insulated stainless steel tumblers with the signature AV8R design on the side. This is the perfect companion for an aviator as it serves as both a hot and cold vessel for everyone's beverage. The 20oz tumbler will fit easily in...

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  • AV8R Taxiway Sign Flight Crew Luggage Tag

    AV8R Taxiway Sign Flight Crew Luggage Tag

    This embroidered luggage tag features the signature AV8R Taxiway Sign design on one side and "Flight Crew" on the reverse side in the form of a runway hold-short line, a complement to the airport taxiway theme. Double sided embroidery Merrowed...

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  • AV8R Taxiway Sign Keychain

    You will never loose your keys again with our AV8R Taxiways Sign embroidered keychain! Specs and features: Double sided embroidery Merrowed border Riveted eyelet Metal keyring Measures 5 x 1.25"

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  • Avgas Only Stainless Travel Coffee Mug

    AVGAS ONLY? Well we are after all, pilots, and need a potent beverage to fuel our skills. This 16 oz. stainless steel, double-wall insulated mug helps our personal fuel supply stay hot or cold, and will certainly draw humorous attention. Padded non-slip...

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  • Boeing Carbon Fiber Print Hat

    Boeing Carbon Fiber Print Hat

    Make the high-tech look of the Dreamliner your own. Carbon fiber - the low-density material used in the innovative 787 Dreamliner - is the inspiration behind this one-of-a-kind hat. Features sporty textured fabric with carbon fiber-look printed panels...

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  • Boeing Cockpit Altimeter Desk Clock

    Watch time fly with this desk clock that's cleverly designed to look like a genuine airplane altimeter. Keep track of time while experiencing the excitement of being in an airplane cockpit. Measures about 3.25"H x 3"W x 2"D.

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