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    ASA Auxiliary Tank

    ASA Auxiliary Tank

    While proper fueling of an aircraft is important to any flight operation, so is proper fueling of the pilot-in-command (PIC). Long before the preflight begins, a PIC must prepare both mentally and physically to ensure fitness for flight. ASA recommends...

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  • Wicom PNR Headset (Black)

    Wicom PNR Headset (Black)

    FREE SHIPPING to lower 48 USA Quality PNR Headsets For Affordable Aviation! PNR Aviation Headset with GA Nickel plated dual plugs for noise reduction. Molded cord for exceptional pull and flexibility standard. Noise¬Ā canceling electret microphone...

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  • Tempo Aviation Propeller Epoxy Coating A151

    Tempo Aviation Propeller Epoxy Coating A151

    Color: Hartzell Gray Tempo Epoxy Propeller Coating is engineered with the added adhesion and abrasion resistance needed to protect propellers from the elements and wear. Compared to standard enamel and lacquer paints, Tempo Propeller Epoxy Coating stays...

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    AV8R Mug AV8R Mug

    AV8R Mug

    20oz double wall vacuum insulated stainless steel tumblers with the signature AV8R design on the side. This is the perfect companion for an aviator as it serves as both a hot and cold vessel for everyone's beverage. The 20oz tumbler will fit easily in...

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