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Instrument Pilot

  • Aviation Weather Services

    Aviation Weather Services

    This document is organized using the FAA’s three distinct types of aviation weather information: observations, analyses, and forecasts. Within this construct and with the support of full-color illustrations throughout, AC 00-45H1 explains U.S...

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  • ASA Aviation Weather

    ASA Aviation Weather

    All pilots must learn to deal with weather: to appreciate good weather, to recognize and respect marginal or hazardous weather, and to avoid violent weather. Recognition of this and sound weather decisions are critical to the successful outcome of all...

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  • JeppShades


    These flip-up training glasses feature an improved design that lets you effectively and easily communicate with your student or instructor. Plus, it feels good on. They fit nicely under headsets, and the Velcro strap means a secure but not-too-tight fit...

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    Jeppesen Aviation Weather - 4th Edition

    Jeppesen Aviation Weather - 4th Edition

    Learn about weather as it pertains to aviation with this easy-to-understand book. This award-winning, 480-page softcover textbook is extensively updated with the latest METAR, TAF and Graphic Weather Products from AC00-45E, Aviation Weather Services. ...

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  • Backseat Pilot Holds Reference Card

    Backseat Pilot Holds Reference Card

    Holds are tough, we want to make them easier We pooled all of our resources to compile the most critical, difficult to retain, and useful information for Holds. Whether you're learning, teaching or flying Holds, The Backseat Pilot: Holds reference card...

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  • Foggles IFR Training Glasses Foggles IFR Training Glasses

    Foggles IFR Training Glasses

    Foggles manufactures glasses that are used as a tool during the pilot training process. The glasses are designed to limit the pilot's field of vision. This assists the learning process by encouraging the pilot to fly with only the help of the flight...

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  • ASA Jiffyhood™

    ASA Jiffyhood™

    ASA's Jiffyhood for IFR training is comfortable, light, and does the job at a reasonable price. Light gray with black adjustable straps; one size fits all. Part Number ASAH2G

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  • ASA Aeronautical Chart User's Guide

    ASA Aeronautical Chart User's Guide

    Go beyond the standard chart legends and learn the meaning behind all of the symbols found on aeronautical charts. The FAA publishes aeronautical charts for each stage of VFR (visual flight rules) and IFR (instrument flight rules) flight including...

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