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Misc Lubricants

  • Dow Corning Molykote Z Powder Dry Lubricant

    Molykote Z Powder can be used as a dry burnished (rubbed-on) lubricating film for metallic contacts, as a solid lubricant additive for self-lubricating plastics and sintered metal parts. It works as a solid lubricant additive in metalworking compounds...

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  • Kano Aero-Kroil 10oz Aerosol Can

    AeroKroil loosen frozen metal parts with ease.  It is an an industry proven penetrating oil that has no equal  It quickly loosens rusted nuts and bolts, frees frozens shafts, pulleys, and other parts. Aero Kroil penetrates into microscopic...

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  • Mousemilk 8oz

    Mouse Milk Penetrating Oil - 8 Oz

    Mousemilk is a penetrating oil that is used for everything from freeing stuck turbochargers to disassembling jet engines. Mousemilk (Green) meets Boeing D6-17484, D6-17487 and ASTM-F1111. Note that this is Mousemilk Green, which is the original formula...

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  • Sherlock Leak Detector Type 1

    Sherlock Leak Detector is used for detecting leaks in pipe joints, tube connections, tanks or any system under gas or air pressure. It is very easy to use, simply wipe surface to be tested with a brush or dauber, squirt on with a squeeze bottle or spray...

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