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Instrument Pilot

  • ASA Test Prep 2020 Bundle: Instrument Rating

    Includes: Softcover book, Computer Testing Supplement CT-8080-3F, Prepware Download Edition, and FREE 24-month subscription to Prepware Online. This bundle combines ASA’s popular Test Prep book and Prepware Download for the ultimate in flexibility...

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  • ASA Test Prep 2020: Instrument Rating

    Rely on the time-proven and dependable ASA Instrument Pilot Test Prep to prepare for your FAA Knowledge Exam. Test material is expertly organized into chapters based on subject matter and includes introductory text and illustrations, questions, answer...

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  • ASA Tri-Fold IFR Kneeboard

    Strong aluminum tooled clipboard silkscreened with important IFR information fits into black 3-panel jacket. Has room for charts, books, flight computers, etc. (Color E6-B Flight Computer & Chart sold separately). For the pilot who needs to carry...

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  • ASA Virtual Test Prep - Instrument

    Instrument Pilot Virtual Test Prep–An Aviation Ground School brings the classroom to any home TV or computer DVD or Blu-Ray player. Includes Instrument Pilot Prepware and both widescreen DVDs and high-definition Blu-Ray disks so you can enjoy the...

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  • ASA Yoke Clip

    Holds all the necessary flight paperwork right where pilots need it, leaving their hands free to fly. Simple to install, the black plastic, i-beam construction is strong enough to serve as a pilot's third hand. The clip is higher than other yoke clips,...

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  • Backseat Pilot Holds Reference Card

    Holds are tough, we want to make them easier We pooled all of our resources to compile the most critical, difficult to retain, and useful information for Holds. Whether you're learning, teaching or flying Holds, The Backseat Pilot: Holds reference card...

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  • Backseat Pilot VFR & IFR Reference Card

    We're pilots, we get it, there's a mountain of knowledge to keep straight in order to ensure the safest flight possible. That's why we tirelessly scoured the FAR/AIM and picked the brains of flight instructors and flight students in order to establish...

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  • Foggles IFR Training Glasses

    Foggles IFR Training Glasses

    Foggles manufactures glasses that are used as a tool during the pilot training process. The glasses are designed to limit the pilot's field of vision. This assists the learning process by encouraging the pilot to fly with only the help of the flight...

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  • SALE

    Jeppesen Aviation Weather - 4th Edition

    Learn about weather as it pertains to aviation with this easy-to-understand book. This award-winning, 480-page softcover textbook is extensively updated with the latest METAR, TAF and Graphic Weather Products from AC00-45E, Aviation Weather Services...

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    Now: $59.95
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  • Jeppesen GFD Instrument / Commercial Syllabus

    Whether enrolling in an instrument rating, commercial pilot certification or both, this syllabus is for you. This syllabus ensures that you are introduced to topics in a logical sequence prior to applying your skills in the air. Features Instrument...

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