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Pilot Supplies

  • ASA Principles of Helicopter Flight Syllabus

    ASA Principles of Helicopter Flight Syllabus

    This syllabus provides a comprehensive and integrated flight and ground school training program. Based on the textbook Principles of Helicopter Flight by Walter J. Wagtendonk, the curriculum in this syllabus helps instructors and students complete the...

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  • ASA Private Pilot Flight School Kit - Part 141

    *Includes current 2020 Edition books! ASA student pilot kits provide the books and supplies a student pilot needs to complete training at an exceptional value. The Part 141 student kit ensures that FAA regulatory requirements are met, and is the perfect...

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  • ASA Private Pilot Test Prep Bundle 2020

    ASA Private Pilot Test Prep Bundle 2020

    Includes: Softcover book, Airman Knowledge Testing Supplement CT-8080-2H, Prepware Download Edition, and FREE 24-month subscription to Prepware Online. This bundle combines ASA’s popular Test Prep book and Prepware Download for the ultimate in...

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  • ASA R22 Helicopter Flashcards Study Guide

    ASA’s new R22 Helicopter Flashcards Study Guide is a must have for any pilot in command of the R22 Robinson Helicopter. Designed to facilitate memorization and deepen understanding of safe and effective helicopter operations, these flashcards help...

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  • ASA Remove Before Flight Banner

    A bright red heavy nylon banner that can be fastened to anything that needs removing before flight. Comes with a grommet and wire ring that can be attached to everything from gear pins to gust locks and pitot covers. Heavy duty vinyl is tear resistant.

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  • ASA Rotating Plotter

    Constructed of sturdy, clear plastic with easy-to-read numbers and scales. It includes WAC, Sectional, and Terminal Area scales, and is checked and approved by the Weights and Measures Department. Quick scale reference is provided for both statute and...

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  • ASA Rotorcraft Flying Handbook

    This is the FAA’s primary resource for helicopter operations knowledge; it is essential reading for applicants preparing for the exams for private, commercial, or flight instructor pilot certificates with a helicopter class rating. In addition to a...

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  • ASA Short Fuel Tester

    Protect yourself from fuel contamination by visually checking the fuel for water and debris. The unique snap-on probe fits all quick-drain valves, stores compactly, and reduces spillage, loss, and probe breakage. The 4" (10.16 cm) transparent cylinder...

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  • ASA Single Headset Bag

    Protect your communication equipment and organize your flight gear. This headset bag is for those who like to fly with minimum baggage. It has room for one headset, an intercom, and push-to-talk switch, and features extra pockets, and all-around padding...

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  • ASA Square Aviation Plotter

    Constructed of durable Lexan®, this plotter won't melt, warp or break in extreme temperatures. Its convenient 5-1/8" square size and ease of use make this plotter a pilot favorite for simple, accurate flight planning. Uses a 1:500,000 scale and...

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