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Pilot Supplies

  • Jeppesen Metal CSG Flight Computer (E6B)

    This large E6B type computer quickly calculates time, speed and distance problems, density altitude, true airspeed, wind correction angles and countless other solutions. A must have for FAA written tests and when planning and flying cross-country trips...

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  • Jeppesen Pilot Logbook

    With superb craftsmanship, pages that hold up to 10 years of data, and gold strip for a personalized touch, the Private Pilot Logbook has become a tried-and-true favorite of aviation professionals. Updated to include a new log page for BasicMed tracking...

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  • Jeppesen PJ-1 Rotating Azimuth Plotter

    Route planning made simple. One twist of the azimuth allows you to measure the true course or to determine the magnetic course. The PJ-1 also includes scales for sectional terminal area and WAC charts in statute and nautical miles. (Size: 3-3/4" x 13"...

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  • Jeppesen PN-1 Navigation Plotter

    Spot WAC and Sectional chart scales in an instant! Our PN-1 plotter features an opaque background and laminated design which means you'll be able to identify the scales quickly and effortlessly - for years to come. Dual scales are calibrated in both...

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  • Jeppesen Private Pilot Exam Booklet

    The Private Pilot Exam Booklet is a new product that combines the Private Pilot Pre-Solo written Exam, Private Pilot Question Bank, Private Pilot Computer Test Supplement, and Private pilot Stage Exams into one single product. Features The Private Pilot...

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  • Jeppesen Private Pilot Part 141 Kit

    Includes all current books. Developed for the FAR 141 training program, the Private Pilot Part 141 Kit is chock full of all your training essentials. The Part 141 Private Pilot Kit is developed for the FAR Part 141 training program. Created from the best...

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